Why Exclusion Netting For Pigeons On Business Roof Is A Good Investment

Unfortunately, many of us don't like pigeons – while we may not find the birds themselves objectionable, the mess they create is unpleasant, unsightly and may cause damage to property. Any business struggling with a flock of pigeons may choose to use exclusion netting for pigeons on the business roof. Exclusion netting is one of the best methods of preventing pigeons, or indeed other pest birds, from taking up residence on your building. Bird netting is also good for value for money since it is extremely long lasting – when properly maintained exclusion nets should provide at least ten years of protection.

Prior to an exclusion net being installed it is important to ensure that the whole area is thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry – in the event that the mess created by the pigeons is great it may be necessary to employ the services of a professional cleaning company. Once the cleaning has been carried out, the netting can be installed – it is usually extremely discreet and will not detract from the appearance of your building. Netting is suitable for protecting building frontage, roof spaces, and eaves, canopies, light wells and almost any other area used by the pigeons for roosting or nesting. Preventing pigeons from roosting on the roof of your business will help protect your property from damage and reduce cleaning costs.

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